We offer to you the family villa «CLIMATE»
your place for your holidays, your business trip or just for a night

The villa is 5 km away from the center of Varna, 3 km away from the resort complex «St. Constantine» and 12 km away from the resort complex «Golden Sands»
in the immediate vicinity of the bus station «Trakata»,
connecting it with the town and the resort complexes.
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Not far off is situated a romantic beach and an authentic fishermens hamlet, part of the beach strip of the palace «Euxinaugrade». Lots of restaurants may be found in the neighborhood in which you will be offered tasteful dishes.




floor 1

room # 6 see pictures
 An open-air garden  see pictures


room # 1  see pictures
room # 2  see pictures
An ethnographic nook for taking meals
or just for a rest in the open
see pictures


 room # 3 see pictures
 room # 4 see pictures
 room # 5 see pictures
A veranda with a  magnificent view see pictures

room # 1 room # 2 room # 3